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Zenith Chrome Hinged Door Credenza Unit

£593.60 +vat

Zenith Chrome  2, 3 or 4 Door Credenza Unit.

Real wood quarter cut veneer.

30mm tops are fitted as standard.

Tops and exterior panels are finished with a 10% sheen water based lacquer tested to BS6250 severe rating to give a durable finish.

Other wood veneers and mfc finishes are available upon request.

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Product Description


Product Strength and Stability: All products are designed to meet the strength and stability requirements of BS4875 and BSEN527. Timber, Veneers, Sheet Materials & Fittings: All the materials and components used in our products are carefully selected for quality and durability.

Finish: The lacquers we use for finishing require no maintenance. Cleaning should be carried out using a damp cloth & soft duster.A little vinegar or detergent can be added to the water to remove greasy marks. Spray, wax polishes must not be used. Eborcraft cannot be held responsible for damage to the lacquer surface as a result of using these materials. It should be remembered that most natural timbers change colour on exposure to light. The amount and speed of change varies according to the species of timber, the length of exposure and the intensity of the light. It is therefore likely that there will bean initial colour mismatch between new items of furniture and those that have been in use for some time, this colour difference will even out over time. Wood is a natural material and we cannot guarantee the continuity of grain and texture in products or samples. Natural wood veneers can be subject to surface cracking as a result of prolonged exposure to low levels of humidity, our guarantee does not cover this phenomenon. The above does not apply to laminate or melamine faced chip-boards where any initial colour difference is usually much less and any subsequent change is very small.

Ecology: Wherever possible we use timber-based materials which are sourced, from countries which have a defined and implemented policy for the management of timber resources.