Recycled Modesty Panel

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Recycled Modesty Panel

  • Desk privacy modesty panel
  • (Can also be used as a desktop screen where the clamp model is unsuitable).
  • Environment friendly material from 100% recycled drink bottle plastics (PET)
  • Fire-proof to BS EN 13501 (class B) and sound-proof to ISO 11654:1997 (Class E)
  • Rounded corners for better safety


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Our recycled acoustic panels are made from 100% recycled drink bottles. By using our ergonomic office furniture, you are showing the world that you care about the environment as well as your own health.

People are more productive in a less noisy or acoustically treated environment. Acoustic desk screens and modesty panels may be the quickest and least expensive way of addressing excess noise within the office as a suitable barrier to break reverberation. Privacy screens are normally used to create a division of desk top workspace, whilst our acoustic screens will also absorb excessive noise. Our acoustic panel has a weighted absorption coefficient (αw) of 0.25 (class E EN ISO 11654), but its efficiency is much more pronounced against the real danger – the high-pitched noises – where the absorption coefficient (αs) reaches 0.95! Whilst most other desk top screens behave the opposite (absorbance is high for low-pitched noises but low for high-pitched ones).

The recycled acoustic panels are fire-resistant, certified to BS EN 13501 Class B (D0 S1) standards. What is Class B fire rating? In simple terms it means the material has very limited contribution to fire. “d0 s1” are the best performance scores in Class B rating, “D0” means none “flaming Droplets and particles” and “S1” means no or very little “Smoke propagation”. Other performances scores in Class B fire ratings are: D1 = some; D2 = quite a lot; and S2 = quite a lot of smoke; S3 = substantial smoke

The recycled acoustic panels can be used as both a desk top privacy screen and under-desk modesty panel, making it easier for the installation and stock planning. The panels are rounded in all 4 corners to avoid accidental injury due to sharp corners.