FUSION | Rectangular Electric Height Adjustable Desk (EDF12D)

£446.67 +vat

  • Super-sensitive anti-collision with smartphone grade Gyro sensor
  • Fast and quiet dual motors, adjust desk height from 63 to 125 cm in a few seconds
  • Modern advanced touch-sensitive controller, you can now set 3 height presets, min and max height, anti-collision sensitivity, display unit (cm or in), and sit-stand alert timer.
  • Heavy duty steel construction support up to 125 k,  3-stage reversed columns, dust-proof and more stable
  • 5 year guarantee on electric components 
  • 10 year guarantee on wooden components
  • Optional cable ports
  • Available with a Silver, White or Black Frame
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  • Approximate Lead Time

    van delivery
    15-20 working days


3 Memory Presets and Super-sensitive Anti-collision

The modern touch sensitive remote controller immediately set the FUSION standing desk apart from the competition, and its beauty is matched by its powerful functions, now you can set:

  1. Three height presets. When the desk is at your desired height, touch button “M” then “1” or “2” or “3” to set, for example, “1” for your reading position, “2” for writing position, and “3” for your standing position. When you want to change from reading position to standing, simply touch “3”.
  2. Anti-collision sensitivity. There are two sensors: one for electric current and one gyro for levelness, and there are 3 sensitivity parameters (upward, downward, and levelness /gyro), each with 9 level settings. Effectively you can have 27 different anti-collision sensitivity settings.
  3. Sit-stand timer. Simply press button “T” for a count-down timer of 0.5 hr or its multiples (up to 4 times, i.e. 2hr), and when the time is over it will alert you to change position.
  4. Max and min height. This would be useful if you have a tall chair or chest under desk so you won’t be bothered by the anti-collision error message.
  5. Screen lock on/off. By default screen will be automatically off after 3-min of inactivity. You may want it to be always on so you can change height instantly instead of holding the M button for 3s first.