Expandable Display System

£279.75 +vat

This product is available on a 7 – 10 day lead time.

Easily extend and reconfigure this flexible system.

A lightweight pole and panel system that, due to its modular design, enables the user to reconfigure and extend the display system to meet the application. Standard 600 x 900 panels can be mounted both portrait  or landscape on to the 1800mm high pole using C clips provided. The system can be extended at any point in the future by purchasing another kit to link on. Available black or grey trim. All panels are double sided.

6 Panel – 1800h x 1800w

6 Panel + Header – 2000h x 2100w

7 Panel – 1800h x 1800w

8 Panel – 1800h x 2400w

10 Panel – 1800h x 3000w



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