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B-Together 8 Seater Pod (BT8)


B-Together 8 Seater Pod

Meet. Share. Collaborate.

bTogether removes the need for walls in an office by bringing in-private meetings out into the workplace.

With its high rise back rest and media capabilities, bTogether naturally creates privacy and acoustic comfort, and allows for creative collaboration.

Optional tables comes in two sizes, tapered to compliment the use of arms, or wide fit to provide a more generous table size.

Other options include cable ports (behind the TV bracket and beneath the table) and monitor brackets which can be installed on either side of the link panel.

Simplistic installation is key feature of the distinctive range.

Dimensions (mm): 
Seat Height: 450
Overall Height: 1240
Overall Width: 2400
Overall Depth: 2490

Hi-rise Privacy Panel Dimensions (mm):

Height: 300
Width: 1750
Depth: 120


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