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COVID-19 Anti-Viral Protective Screens for Office Workers

Government guidelines now recommend that all office workers in a close proximity should be separated by protective screens. We have three great cost-effective options; 8mm MDF, 8mm acrylic or 6mm toughened glass screens. If budget allows we recommend glass over acrylic due to its availability and it doesn't easily scratch or fog. As a cheaper option our 8mm white MDF protective screens are available at a much lower cost than glass or acrylic. These may be suited to businesses who believe a vaccine to COVID-19 will be here soon but need put some protection in place for the interim. For businesses that require staff to be able to see one another, our 6mm toughened glass anti-viral office screens are the perfect choice. Screens are available in a wide range of widths to provide protection both at the front and sides of the user. Designs include freestanding and screen toppers which extend existing screens.

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