Office Desktop Screens

Explore our extensive range of desktop screens, floor-standing partitions and freestanding dividers. Our screens are available in a large range of fabrics and colours for a truly personalised product. Please note we have many other screen ranges and fabric options than we have advertised so if you can’t see what you’re looking for please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The simple addition of desktop screens to your furniture arrangement can make the world of difference to your work environment. Office dividers / partitions can reduce office noise and create a feel of personal space for each worker whilst still allowing for easy communication between team members. Such partitions are available non-pinnable or pinnable to provide a useful space to place notes, reminders or other materials. These are available in different shapes such as straight, wave and curved and can be ordered in different heights depending on how much privacy is required. Many different bracket designs are also available with most of our desktop screens to ensure they can be fixed in a wide array of applications. 

Office screens have been around for a long time but a slightly more recent and popular development is the addition of toolbar rails. These can be used in conjunction with various toolbar accessories such as paper trays, pen pots, magnetic boards and monitor arms for a truly versatile product. We also have divider ranges and wall / ceiling panels that are designed specifically to manage room acoustics.

Freestanding Office Dividers & Partitions

Freestanding office dividers or partitions are a great way to section off portions of your office space for different purposes without building permanent walls. Screened areas can easily be modified or reconfigured as needs change making them a popular solution in many offices.