The Mercol desks range is 'made to order' in the UK and available on a 2-5 week lead time.

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Mercol Desks

The Mercol Desk Range has a wide range of choices to fut any office environment. With the option of 12 wood finishes we’re sure you can find something to match your desires and tastes. From the popular light oak, maple, beech, walnut and white to the more unusual apple, ash, autumn cherry, english oak, grey, pear, and verade oak. Mercol have 5 different desk ranges to fit everyone’s tastes. Mercol desk ranges have the fashionable option of different colour storage fronts to wood finish, available in grey, white, red, green, yellow or blue. 

The Horizon and Rialto bench ranges are beam system desking ranges. There stylish hoop leg frame and telescopic beams combine to support the worktop. Both desk ranges are supplied as either individual desks, add-on desks or components. The horizon desk range is not only available with hoop legs, but also goal post and angled to fit your personal needs where the rialto range is the popular cantilever leg frame. 

The Eclipse range is a modular system desk using a stylish angular square-tube leg frame. With a variety of shapes and sizes this desk range is very versatile to fit most office environments including individual offices, multiple pods or rows of desks. 

The Ambiflex desk range, one of the most popular ranges, gives a large variety of desks shapes and leg options. The popular rectangular, bow fronted, wave and radial are included with also the unusual Arc, D-end and cockpit stations. All desk options have the choice of single cantilever upright leg, twin cantilever upright leg or panel end.  

The Aztec desk range, another of the popular ranges, is an executive desk range that has a stylish panel end leg design with full depth modesty panels. Although a smaller desk range than the amibflex range this range will give you affordable elegance in any office.