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Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desks

'Sit - Stand' height adjustable desks are versatile and very consumer conscious. The range of desks span from a basic rise and fall mechanism, to very innovative touch sensitive and time managed technologies, some of which can be controlled from your phone. It allows  for comfort throughout the day and there are obvious health benefits to the 'Up and Down' design, as users are not stuck in one position throughout the day. 

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illustration of woman standing behind a height adjustable deskINVEST IN YOUR EMPLOYEES… INVEST IN A HAWK HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESK

Why choose a hawk height adjustable desk? Office workers spend up to 12 hours each day sitting down. This sedentary lifestyle is the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality, causing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a host of other issues like back pain and poor circulation. We’re not claiming that the right standing computer desk can cure the world’s obesity crisis, but a height adjustable standing desk is certainly a step in the right direction. Using a sit stand desk or a standing workstation can significantly reduce sedentary behaviour, decrease the risk of lifestyle related diseases and increase general well-being.


• Employees who use adjustable height office desks are 71% more focused, 66% more productive and 33% less stressed.
• Applying physical workplace activity programs have been proven to reduce sick days by up to 32%.
• 95% of all back pains start through inactivity. Breaking up your sitting can lower your blood sugar level by up to 30%.

infographic showing the different uses of height adjustable desks Height adjustable desks are an indispensable resource for achieving reductions in sedentary behaviour.


The sit stand desk concept keeps growing in popularity. It is well documented that sitting for long hours in the day doesn’t usually encourage good health. Electric height adjustable desks are easily adjustable and are an elegant solution and a prominent feature in many modern offices. Here at Somercotes we pride ourselves in offering a range of adjustable standing desks that set the benchmark for the competition. Our ergonomic height adjustable desks go lower and higher than most on the market, they are quicker, quieter and smoother and come as standard with sliding tops, cable trays and a choice of additional extras. Adjustment can be made using modern mobile software while built-in sensors feel for any obstruction when raising or lowering the ergo desk preventing any damage or personal injury.

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