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Order before 1PM for next working day delivery. Our Ergo height adjustable desks range is designed to make it easy for designers and specifiers to build value in the workplace, with healthy sit-stand desk solutions to suit any environment. Our top qualitly, Scandinavian made desks will ensure that every project is hassle free from design and planning through to installation. Each standing desk is equipped with an easy to use controller and a smart collision detection system. We make height adjustable easy whilst reducing costs. Feel the quality for yourself when you visit our showroom.

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Why use ERGO electric sit stand desks?

Ergo sit stand electric desks banner

Height adjustable desks combat sedentary working habits, allowing workers to be more active, engage their core muscles, improve posture and relieve back pain. Studies show they also reduce the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and fatigue.

Height adjustable furniture caters to the requirements of all ability groups. By helping to position both equipment and the user safely and ergonomically at the best height, it also assists you in complying with DSE laws and regulations.

Active working adds energy and focus to your workforce and freshens your workplace dynamic. Increasing the functionality of your workspace will improve concentration and output levels within the office.

Happy people are productive people, and height adjustable desks have a proven positive effect on attitude. They also improve sleep quality through enhanced mobility made possible by active working habbits.

Using FSC materials in our desktops and 30% recycled steel combined with high efficiency motors, our desks have a minimal impact on the environment. Our motors use less than 0.3W standby power and have a low energy draw.

Benefits of adjustable standing desks…

Happy and healthy workers are productive workers. That is why office space planners and designers favour ERGO height adjustable desks for office projects when investing in the people who make companies run from day to day. 

Our mission with ERGO is to bring the health benefits of a versatile, electric height adjustable desk to both commercial offices and the many home workers in the UK at the best price. Each standing workstation is equiped with an easy to use controller, collision detection system, quiet dual motors and a selection of beautiful MPF desktop finishes as standard. 

The rise and fall design provides a clear health benefit  to the user who can spend some time standing throughout the working day. Some office workers can spend up to twelve hours sat down each working day. This kind of sedentary lifestyle is actually the forth highest risk factor for global mortality, causing type two diabetes and heart disease among other problems such as back pain and poor circulation. Using a standing computer desk can significantly help to break up a sendantary routine, greatly decreasing the risk of lifestyle related health problems.

At Somercotes Office Furniture we’re proud to offer affordable solutions that bring the health benefits of a stand up desk to the many UK home workers. Our standing desks are quick, quiet, easy to use and safe thanks to innovative anti-collision technology. Our electric office desks are made with precision to the hightest standards in Europe and are in stock, ready to be sent out to you on a free next day service.