Office Desks, Bench Desk Systems & Office Computer Desks

Here at Somercotes, we offer a range of new & used office desks, computer desks and bespoke bench desk systems supplied by leading office furniture manufacturers such as Hawk Furniture.

Modern Office Computer Desks

Budget benchWe appreciate that every office is different and different offices need different desks. We have desks in many different sizes, shapes, styles and finishes. We’re confident that we can provide the right desk and accompanying office furniture design to suit you.

The office desk has long been the staple feature of any office but office desk designs and fashions have varied greatly over the years. Today offices themselves also vary greatly in purpose and industry. For example, the furniture requirement for a call centre differs entirely to that for a showroom or even the design of an office within an industrial building. This diversity calls for a great variety of office desks to fill these varying needs.

One concept that has become more popular in recent years is the sit-stand desk. Electric desks that are easily adjustable in height are a key feature in many modern office environments. These are available as stand-alone desks or can be incorporated into a bench desking system.

Force Desk LegsShape is another aspect that has seen an evolution. In many ways this has come full circle with the straight rectangular desk being the first choice in many modern offices with its clean lines and timeless design. J shape, curved, wave or corner desk still dominates most of the industry however as it is a design that offers plenty of work-space for each user.

Desk legs perhaps display the greatest variety in terms of design and functionality. Wooden panel end legs are often favoured by home users whilst cantilever legs are a common sight in busy offices as they allow for more of a free movement by the user. That said, we’ve found that goalpost style legs or hoop legs are one of the most popular modern choices. These are commonly seen on bench desk systems though can also be bought on single units.

Bench, Radial, Straight, Wave & Corner Desks

Bow front bologna desksAt Somercotes Office Furniture we have a huge range of quality desks to choose from including modern bench desking, radial, corner, wave and straight rectangular desks from reputable UK manufacturers such as Hawk, Eborcraft and Mercol. Cantilever, panel end and cable managed options are available in a wide variety of finishes including beech, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, grey and white to name a few. Whether you need a basic office desk delivered quickly or you’re after a fully bespoke office design, we’ve got you covered.

We have cheap desks at great discount prices. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please remember we have many more office desks available than are advertised on our website. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you find the right desk for you.