Office Space Planning

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Are you expanding or relocating your office? You need to figure out how to best utilize the space, create a strong culture, and make the most of efficiency. In essence, modern office space planning should result in a comfortable office that’s conducive to work. Since it takes time to find the right space for your office, start early. Work with office space planning experts. Let them help you to interpret how the organization operates and make suggestions to improve flow & efficiency. But first, you should put the following into consideration:

Your needs

How will the business be using space? How many of your employees need a dedicated workspace? Will some of them be working from an open space? Before you implement office furniture space planning, you also need to consider how frequent clients visit. Make the office support your business as much as possible. If you need a spacious room, plan for one.

Create room for growth

No company goes into business aiming to stagnate. Plan for space you will need when the business develops and the number of employees increases. Office space layout planning should take into consideration your current headcount in comparison to your future departmental growth projections. That way, you will be able to anticipate all the foreseeable hiccups.

Office layout

Which one is better? The open-plan or enclosed office cubicles? These are questions that office space design specialists have to grapple with. Planning office space doesn’t have to be that complicated. Consider your type of industry. What’s it that makes your team perform optimally? You might be getting better results when your team interacts and collaborates more. It could also be that your employees work better on their own with modular desks. Allow the office space layout planning specialists to work out the finer details.

Remote work

Cloud computing is growing at a tremendous pace such that many businesses are increasingly adopting remote working plans. Without going into the Nitti gritty of planning office spaces, you may opt to allow the employees to work from home. Does your company already have a remote working policy? If yes, then the modern office space planning specialist should plan a space utilization ratio. After all, you need to know the number of workers you will be having in the office at any given time.

Special considerations

Planning office space should include leaving an allowance for break rooms, canteen rooms, and private meeting spaces. You may want to provide a business lounge where your employees can have their lunch. Office space planning design should take into account the appliances to be used in the office. Create space where you can hold video conferences with the remote workers. Consider the stations for a copier, charging station, and fax machine. If you need an employee stationed in the room, provide a desk. Office furniture space planning is not complete until you have taken all these factors into consideration.

Although, office furniture space can create much confusion, don’t worry. What you need are the experts at Somercotes to help you handle it. We are the best in modern office space planning.