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      Email us your room plans or a quick sketch along with perhpas a few photgraphs of the office space.

      We consolidate your room sketches and design ideas and turn them into detailed 3D models.

      We then generate your personalised office furniture proposal with rich 3D visuals.

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      Modern Commercial Office Design – in VR

      Our free VR service is a great way to visualise your new office design. Sometimes 3D visuals on paper can’t quite capture the true feel of the office space. Using the latest in virtual reality technology you can take a tour of your office plans and experience them as if you were really there. Simply let us know that you would like to see your project in VR and we’ll get it ready for you to view in our showroom.

      Although most of our customers use our free space planning service for new office fit-out projects we can also help with office re-designs. Drawing out your existing office plan often highlights how you can utilise some of your existing office furniture more efficiently. We can then advise how to adding to or changing your office furniture could better utilise your office space.

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      Home Office Design Ideas

      We would love to work with you in space planning your home office. Our design service is free of charge and we’ve helped hundreds of our customers to achieve a home office design that fully meets their specific needs, tastes and vision.

      We appreciate that everyone’s home office setup and home office furniture requirements are different. That’s way our approach to office planning and design revolves around listening to your office design ideas and then exploring the best layouts and product options available to make your vision a reality. When it comes to innovative and professional office design we have many years of experience and a great team at our disposal.  All of our office layout ideas are compliant with legal health and safety requirements.

      Send us a sketch of your office and we’ll plan it out for free…

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        How will an open plan office design affect your company culture?

        What type of employees do you have? What type of work do they do? What are their work styles? What you want is an environment in which your employees will not just be productive but do their best work. It doesn’t matter if they are working individually or collaborating.

        The type of organisation will also decide on what you do with open office space planning. Consider how much the employees need to collaborate. Will the open plan executive office design allow for the creation of spaces such as meeting rooms, stores, meeting spaces and lighting needs?

        The advantages of an open plan office design are well-known. In fact, it can save space and is less expensive than the traditional, enclosed cubicle. It can also aid collaboration and teamwork among staff members. Don’t start open office space planning before you think about what your employees need to be more productive. In an open-plan office, there are a number of distractions that may arise. Consider the following as you go about planning your open plan office design.

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        What are the potential distractions?

        The employee is likely to face audio and visual distractions while working in an open plan office design. Anticipate all the potential distractions even as you make room for those that will arise later.

        Make sure you develop a policy on the use of mobile phones at work. Where possible, create private spaces where employees can hold confidential meetings, focus or just be alone to recharge. Part of the office floor plan design should involve the creation of quiet areas where no-one is allowed to talk.

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        Do you have any ergonomic principles?

        This should be a key point when shopping for furniture for the office. The furniture you choose should allow employees to work with equipment, give them visual depth and accommodate people of all heights.

        As you go through open office planning, make sure you cater to diverse needs, provide furniture that is adjustable. If you can, provide sit-stand desks to prevent employees from sitting only throughout the day.

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        How will employees react to the new office design space?

        Open office space planning is an intricate process that should take into account how your employees might react to the new professional office design. That will enable you to prepare for any eventuality. If you are adopting a mobile configuration, millennials will accept it immediately. Those who have worked for some time equate cubicle offices with seniority. You will have trouble convincing them to adopt a shared working space.

        Don’t rush. Take time and create a workspace that’s comfortable for all employees. Whichever way you want to go about open office space planning, consider your company’s culture, type of work, and employees’ work styles. What you need is an effective and productive space to attract, engage and retain the expanding workforce.