Case Study – TVH

A versatile workspace and modern design were of high priority to TVH. Our new fusion range of height adjustable desks were fitted throughout the project, complemented with a fresh green upholstery. Modular tables were used to create a large, versatile meeting room that can easily be reconfigured as required.

Case Study TVH


We were quite impressed with TVH’s commitment to the health of their staff as they chose to invest in height adjustable desks. It is well known that sit stand desks combat sedentary working habits which are the cause of all sorts of health issues. This functionality is so beneficial that it is even becoming compulsory in some countries. We were able to offer a cost effective and stylish solution to TVH’s requirements. Complementary storage and soft seating was implemented throughout the project in environmentally friendly recycled fabrics. The white and green design was carried throughout with the aim of providing a fresh and ‘feel good’ atmosphere for the team to work productively.

TVH Project Gallery

In The First Case…

On the first occasion that we worked on a office furnituure installation project with TVH, they opted for our popular ‘VOLT’ double bench height adjustable desk range. Furniture was fitted in a modern two-tone anthracite and white finish form Hawk office furniture. Iowa toolrail desktop screens and office chairs were chosen in fabrics that complimented the new office decor. Appropriate storage was selected after considering the options available through our office design and planning service.