Case Study – SAS

SAS tasked us with creating a besoke office solution with a focus on collaborative working. The project ‘s core concept was to install only hot desks with a team based layout design. Using our relationships with UK manufacturers, we were able to create a bespoke product which fulfilled this criterea whilst working with the style and decor ideas from SAS.

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Working with only hot desks created a unique challenge for the design team. Since the team members wouldn’t have a set place that they alone use every day, personal storage needed to be looked at as a separate entity to the desking areas. Power and data access was of primary concern when designing the functionality of the custom trapezoidal shaped workstations. Each user needed convenient access to these resources so they could easily pick a desk and get set up with their computing requirements each day. We met this demand using custom specified desktop power modules in addition to under desk power supply and full cable management system.


From Design To Reality

Our free office design and planning service proved to be an invaluable tool on this project. We could quickly see what designs would work well in the office space.

SAS case study from design to reality

 This was especially useful when working with a bespoke concept that could not be seen through examples of previous installations. The two storey design project accurately mapped out the furniture layout to ensure all areas were utilised to their full potential without compromise to safety or comfort of team members. This meant there were no surprises on the day of installation as the original design concept was transformed into a reality.

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