Black and white portrait photograph of Beth Edwards

Beth Edwards
Sales Executive

20 Questions with Beth Edwards: 

Nickname:  Betty

Eye colour:  Greenish

Special talent:  Piano

Favourite food:  Anything that has Chocolate

First thing you notice about someone:  What they’re wearing

Favourite book/film:  Hunger Games Series

Farthest you’ve been from home:  Florida

Dream job:  Clothes designer

Dream destination:  Mauritius

Thing you like least about yourself:  My overactive brain

Favourite Ice-cream flavour:  Ben & Jerry’s Cookie dough

Fictional place you would most like to visit: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (specifically the first room – you can eat everything!!)

What you be if you were an animal:  Tiger. Big cat basically, but also a predator, so I wouldn’t be scared for my life! And they’re pretty!

Skill you most wish you had:  Painting

Most immature habit:  Burping in public

Favourite season:  Summer (I hate being cold)

Title of the current chapter of your life:  Parenthood

Personality trait you most value in others:  Openness

Favourite sound:  My son’s laughter

Your pearl of wisdom:  The more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap!….stay safe….eat cake!