Amy Mike

Amy Mike
Sales & Marketing Administrator

20 Questions with Amy Mike: 

Nickname:  Amz

Eye colour:  Hazel

Special talent:  Photography

Favourite food:  Chocolate

First thing you notice about someone:  Their eyes

Favourite book/film:  Book: The Secret Garden, Film: 50 First Dates

Farthest you’ve been from home:  Edinburgh or Majorca when I was 2

Dream job:  Photographer or Air Hostess

Dream destination:  Spain

Thing you like least about yourself:  My teeth

Favourite Ice-cream flavour:  Honeycomb

Fictional place you would most like to visit:  Asgard

What would you be if you were an animal:  Hedgehog

Skill you most wish you had:  Multilingual

Most immature habit:  I randomly say ‘ow’

Favourite season:  The beginning of Autumn

Title of the current chapter of your life:  “Cue elevator music”

Personality trait you most value in others:  Thoughtfulness

Favourite sound:  Heavy rain on a window

Your pearl of wisdom:  Just get on with it!